Pathway Home Program

Pathway Home is a supportive housing program coordinated by the Gwinnett Housing Corporation (GHC). The goal of this program is to provide homeless families in Gwinnett County the opportunity to partake in affordable transitional housing as a stepping stone toward permanent and safe housing. Pathway Home asserts that when families are able to live without fear of being without shelter, they can foster healthy relationships and support stable, thriving neighborhoods and communities.

Pathway HOME offers scattered-site transitional housing units for homeless families who are participating in a self-sufficiency program with a local non-profit. Only those who are referred by a non-profit serving homeless families will be admitted into the program. The referring agency will provide self-sufficiency and other supportive services, including case management and program oversight.

Following extensive consultation with other non-profit organizations in Gwinnett, GHC’s Pathway HOME Program was re-designed to more efficiently fill a growing gap in the Continuum of Care. Pathway HOME offers affordable housing options to homeless families with children, so that families and their case managers can focus on provision of services that will result in financial independence. As long as families actively participate in the Referring Agency’s programs, the rent charged will be 60% of HOME High Rent limits. The Referring Agency will have to certify, on quarterly basis, the family is in compliance with all of their program requirements. Should the family fall out of compliance, GHC will remove the subsidy and charge full HOME High Rents for the duration of the Lease agreement between GHC and the Resident.