Aspiring Homeowner & Existing Homeowner Coaching & Advisement

Aspiring Homeowner & Existing Homeowner Coaching & Advisement

Aspiring homeowners who are ready for homeownership as well as current homeowners who may have bumps along the way in their homeownership journey need coaching, advice, and support to make sense of it all. Purchasing a home is one of the biggest decisions that you will make. Coaching, advice, education, and resources will help you be prepared along the journey. Even if you are unsure if you are ready for homeownership, coaching can assist you.

Pre-Purchase Resources


Coaching and advice on your journey to homeownership include an assessment of your current situation to determine your homebuyer readiness, the development of goals and an action plan with regular coaching sessions to drive you towards the attainment of your goals, budget development, tracking monthly expenses, and group education classes to help you understand the lending process.

Homebuyer Education 

Group education courses around topics such as financial literacy, understanding mortgages and loans, homeowner insurance, home warranties, the first-time buyer process, and the benefits of homeownership.  
Resource Referrals

Referrals to real estate and housing professionals.

Post Purchase Coaching & Education 

Post purchase
After a home purchase, most homeowners still have questions, and during the homeownership journey, homeowners may need coaching and support. Coaching, advice, and education on home maintenance and repair, lead-based paint remediation, budgeting and financial planning, insurance, energy efficiency, and much more.   

How Can I Apply for Coaching and Advisement:

If you are a current or aspiring homeowner and you are interested in housing coaching and advisement Apply Now Icon
If you need assistance or additional  information, please call us at 770-589-0270 or email us at info@gwinnetthousing.org 

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