Justice40 Capacity Grant

In 2022 Gwinnett Housing Corporation, in partnership with State Representative Marvin Lim, was awarded a Justice 40 Capacity Building Grant  to assess the energy sustainability and affordable housing needs of unincorporated Norcross.

Justice40 graphicThe goal of the American Cities Climate Challenge Justice40 Capacity building Fund (J40 Fund), is to support community-based organizations to engage and partner with their local government to advance community-led projects that align with the Justice40 Initiative. This initiative aims to deliver 40% of the overall benefits of federal investment in areas such as clean energy and climate preparedness to disadvantaged communities.

The Fund intends to help communities scope, plan, and pursue partnership strategies in order to more effectively work with local government partners to achieve these shared goals. 

Supported by this grant, GHC partnered with the Southeast Energy Efficiency Alliance (SEEA) to complete a landscape analysis, identify key stakeholders, draft recommendations from facilitated stakeholder sessions and produce a series of recommendations.

Click here to view the comprehensive study conducted by SEEA.  

Related studies on unincorporated Norcross:

Through the Southeast Energy Efficiency Alliance, the Lucky Shoals Community Association, and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory's (NREL) Clean Energy to Communities (C2C) and Solar Energy Innovation Network (SEIN) technical assistance programs, the energy needs of this community were further studied.

Click here to view the studies C2C and SEIN