Pathway Home Program

Pathway Home is a supportive housing program coordinated by the Gwinnett Housing Corporation. This program was created in 2013 to address growing issues with housing instability. Currently, there are very few resources available to families seeking income based housing in Gwinnett County.

GHC has extensive knowledge and expertise in both housing management and the housing market, and therefore began purchasing homes with grant funds to begin Pathway Home, a supportive housing program in hopes of filling this gap. Rising rental costs along with large deposits and tightening credit requirements are displacing many families, forcing them to turn to extended stays, emergency housing, or homelessness. The goal of this program is to provide families the opportunity to partake in affordable transitional housing as a stepping stone toward permanent and safe housing.

Pathway Home offers scattered-site transitional housing units for families in need who are participating in a self-sufficiency program with a local non-profit. Only those who are referred by a partnering non-profit will be admitted into the program. The referring agency will provide self-sufficiency and other supportive services, including case management and program oversight. Families who find success in this program are referred to the Welcome Home program as first time home buyers.

“It (Pathway Home) was a life-changing situation for us, it showed us what we’ve been doing wrong and how to go about making things right.”

-Clarence Johnson, Pathway Home Graduate & New Home Owner

Success Stories

GHC currently manages 18 Pathway Home properties through our community partner referral process. For more information about the Pathway Home Program, please call (770) 963-4900.

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