About Us

The Gwinnett Housing Corporation (formerly known as the Lawrenceville Housing Corporation) is a nonprofit development organization with a focus on creating, rehabilitating, and operating quality affordable residential housing. The GHC was established in 1997 due to the overwhelming need for affordable housing in the area. The mission of the GHC is to create sustainable housing opportunities for low and moderate income families in Gwinnett County. This is done through the revitalization of housing stock in targeted neighborhoods with physical and economic reinvestment needs and the provision of support services for residents and their families. As such, GHC is experienced in every aspect of housing, from construction and rehab of affordable housing for sale to low income home buyers to maintenance and operations of affordable rental housing.


Economic Impact

Serving Gwinnett families since 2010, the GHC has over 8 years of experience in rehabilitating homes for the purpose of increasing sustainable low-income home ownership opportunities. GHC has to date developed, either through construction or rehabilitation, 60+ properties that were sold or rented to income-eligible families and invested over $11 million in federal and matching funds for both of its programs. Since program inception, nearly $1.5 million has been spent to generate new economic activity locally on contractors, labor, and supplies. Whenever possible, GHC looks to award contracts to firms located in or owned by Gwinnett County residents.  Mortgage assistance in the amount of $612,950.00 has been provided to qualified, first time home buyers.

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